Coming Up on Episode 7 of The Punch Down…

The Punch Down Wine Show, September 17

We may have lost our minds on this one, but we’re doing it anyway!  Join us for Episode 7 of The Punch Down on Tuesday September 17 at 1pm Eastern (10am Pacific, 6pm UK) when we up the ante with not one guest, not two guests, but FOUR rockstar personalities! We’ll be delving into the world where wine meets social media with those who know it best.

What is the wine world doing well on the various social media platforms? Where are they going off the tracks? What can they learn from other companies that are killing it on social media? And how can they get the maximum results for their social media efforts?

Our guests on the show:

David Honig, Palate Press

David Honig is the man behind the online wine magazine, Palate Press, which he founded in 2009. The magazine brings together the very best wine writers and writings on the internet.


Meg Houston Maker

Meg Houston Maker is a writer, editor, and communications adviser specializing in editorial strategy, social marketing, brand narratives, and interactive engagement. She’s a frequent lecturer on web and social analytics and using data to drive editorial strategy. She earned a Master’s degree in creative writing and is a Certified Specialist of Wine. Find her online at,, and @megmaker.

Rick Mulready

Rick Mulready is not in the wine business (GASP!). He is, however, the social media duuude!! Rick spent 11 years in corporate internet marketing, working with Fortune 500 brands to small businesses, involved in all-different kinds of online advertising campaigns. Now he hosts the Inside Social Media Podcast (one of my personal favorites) where he asks the tough questions of big brands to help small businesses benefit from many of the same strategies on little to no budget. Find Rick @RickMulready and on Facebook.

Ryan OpazRyan Opaz, originally from Minnesota now living in Porto, Portugal, advises on social media and blogging for wineries, wine retailers and restaurants. He is a renowned speaker at events all over the world, and lectures regularly on social media at the Burgundy Business School. Ryan is the co-founder of:,;, Digital Wine Communications Conference.

I know my co-host Joe is particularly looking forward to this one as there is no doubt his favorite kind of entertaining mayhem will ensue!  I’ll be the one trying to keep it all on track, but whether I manage or not, one things for sure – it’s going to be an interesting show!

Tuesday September 17 1pm Eastern (10am Pacific, 6pm UK)!

See you there!

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