Discovery Zone – Croatia

Welcome to the Discovery Zone! In this series we take a look at the wines from unusual wine regions that are starting to appear on the shelves of your favourite wine shop.  In this episode we’re talking about the wines from Croatia.

As I mention in the video above, Croatia is one of my favourite wine regions and if you’ve missed any of my previous posts about this fabulous country, here they are for you :)

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A Taste of Croatia – a visit to the wine region of Istria

Croatian wine is making a big splash!

Wine from Croatia…Seriously!

I’d love to hear about your experience with wine from Croatia. If you’ve tried it, what did you think?  If you haven’t, why not?! Let me know in the comments below or over on Facebook :)

Here’s to trying something new, learning something new and enjoying every glass a whole lot more!

Tara – Wine Passionista

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  1. David Derbyshire
    5 years ago

    Lovely video Tara, showcasing some really exciting wines. I recently visited Croatia for the first time (Dubrovnik) and the Dalmatian wines there were fantastic, although I only tried the reds.

    I’m returning next summer to Dubrovnik, so I hope to try some of the Grk!


    David (@oenotype)

    • Wine Passionista
      5 years ago

      Thanks David! Very exciting that you’re heading to Dubrovnik next summer, but don’t wait until then to try Grk :)

  2. Petra & Pam
    5 years ago

    Thoroughly enjoyed your video Tara, Croatia is very close to my heart and the wines in the various regions are some of the best in the world.
    Fantastic reds I am not a white wine drinker but will give Grk a try next summer.


  3. Great info on croatian wines. Just wanted to mention there is wine which just recently went to market. It is called Stina (Croatian/Dalmatian for stone), so maybe you would be interested in checking it out. It is a wine from small town Bol, island of Brac. Wines from Hvar and Brac are very well known in Europe because of the islands’ rich soil, lots of sun hours and slopes towards the south, which is perfect for breeding great wines.
    Aside from the fact that the wine is delicious, it has also won European award for most original brand in wine industry last year. Keep up the good work, love your blog!

    • Wine Passionista
      5 years ago

      Thank you for your comment! I’m familiar with Stina – they’re lovely wines. I especially like their fun, seemingly blank labels – they catch the eye and the wine captures the imagination :)

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