Good Wine and Great People

It’s been a busy year.  And there’s still a lot to do before we sing Auld Lang Syne, but I just wanted to take a moment to share my gratitude.

I recently began working with Rowan Gormley, the most unaffected prodigy the wine world has seen in a long time. Rowan is the founder of the online retailer Naked Wines.

He had the genius desire to find winemakers around the world who were making amazing wines, but who didn’t have the resources to bring those wines to market.  He has helped them do just that, but not on his own, in fact, it’s the customers of Naked Wines that have done the heavy lifting.

Their monthly contributions fund independent winemakers whose worries about funding are immediately alleviated leaving them free to focus solely on putting the best quality wine in the bottles.

In return for their kindness these customers, (known as ‘Angels’ in Naked Wines speak) are rewarded with discounts and cashback on all their purchases enabling them to build up credit that can be used to buy more wine when their cellars are running low.

This is certainly an admirable business model and one that is resonating with customers, winemakers and even the press.

After contacting Rowan out of the blue, and several meetings and brainstorming sessions later, I am pleased to say that there are several projects we are working on (more on these in upcoming posts).

When we began this alliance just a few short weeks ago, there was no way to fathom that I would find myself on Jamie Oliver’s web site!

Naked Wines and Jamie Oliver have been working together for some time now (I guess it’s a Naked thing!), and now Rowan has asked myself and fellow blogger and wine dude Eamon Fitzgerald, to contribute our wine knowledge and personalities to Jamie’s online content. How cool is that?!

So, it’s time to take a moment to be grateful.

To Rowan.

To wine drinkers who want to know more about what’s in their glass and have the best experience possible.

To Jamie’s cracking online team who understand the importance wine plays in the enjoyment of recipes from one of the world’s most affable chefs.

To the readers of Wine Passionista.

And lastly to be grateful for all the adventures yet to come in this wonderful world of wine.

What are you grateful for these days?

There’s always time for wine.

Tara – Wine Passionista

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  1. Charles Saunders
    7 years ago

    Where do you start eh Tara? Well I am sincerely grateful for my family and friends that help you face an uncertain world but all that sounds a little predictable and trite.

    Taking a much shorter perspective I am grateful to Tim Pearson who sent me a delicious SB from their 2010 vintage. It’s an SB but not as you’d know it. One for Naked Wines surely?

    And I am grateful that I encouraged my teenage daughter to read Brighton Rock and discover the wonders of Graham Greene’s literary masterpiece (and the dangers of a wrong ‘un) before she saw the muddled and messed up travesty that recently went to DVD.

    Great news about Jamie BTW. I loved his series on trying to reach children that had failed at school.

    • Wine Passionista
      7 years ago

      Very nice Charles – all wonderful things to smile about!

      Agreed on appreciation of dear friend Tim Pearson, he’s a stellar chap and his wine is fantastic! Luckily a friend sent some to my boyfriend not too long ago and we still have a bottle or two in the fridge – yet another thing to be grateful for! 😉

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