How do you choose wine? Comments requested!

Discerning tasteFor as long as I can remember, I have known the basic differences between a Chardonnay and a Sauvignon Blanc or between a Pinot Noir and a Shiraz, or at least it seems that way.  However, there were times, before I’d read my first wine magazine, before taking my first wine course and before years of tasting, that I knew nothing about wine – so how on earth did I choose a wine in a shop or restaurant?  How do you?

Obviously wines on promotion get the most attention and since  over 50% of wine in the UK is purchased during our routine visits to the grocery store, these offers hold great sway.  We all love to feel we’re getting more for our money, so why not take advantage of the wine that was £8.99 and is now half price? And sometimes these are valid choices, but other times, we can still get as good a deal by avoiding the offers and simply making a careful selection. 

So how do you choose wine?  Do you go into a shop knowing the sort of wine you want (light, crisp white or full-bodied, powerful red) and then decide based on price?  The label?  The region?  The grape?  The meal you’re cooking? The event you’re attending?  What is the process of elimination you use to narrow down the choices?  What are some tools you think would be helpful next time you are faced with the daunting aisles of bottles all vying for your attention? 

These aren’t rhetorical questions – I’d really like to know!  Please leave a comment and tell me about your experiences of buying wine – the good, bad, and especially the ugly! 

Don’t be shy! We can learn together :-)

Looking forward to hearing from you!

There’s always time for wine!

Tara – Wine Passionista

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  1. Ryan O'Connell
    8 years ago

    The best way to go is to develop a relationship with people who are truly obsessed and have access to lots of wine.

    I’m a fan of tasting everything. But that just gets too expensive if you’re not in the wine trade. So you gotta be buddies with a shop owner or a blogger or somebody who always has a couple bottles open.

    The fun part for me is discovering a new wine and a new experience. And the only way to cut the cost of that other than becoming a wine pro (which I did) is to be friends with a wine pro.

    • Wine Passionista
      8 years ago

      Hi Ryan,

      I couldn’t agree more! We are very lucky to be surrounded by great wines and to be able to experience new and interesting wines on a regular basis. Our friendly independent local retailer is an incredible resource and I often go into mine (is it coincidence they’re four doors away from my flat?!) to see what’s new.

      It’s a bit more difficult at the grocery store, so I’d like to challenge everyone to buy a wine you’ve never had the next time you go shopping.

      And if, as Ryan suggests, you’d like to befriend a wine pro for tips and advice, that’s what I’m here for, so ask away my friends!

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