Intro to Burgundy Video #2: Olivier Leflaive

Olivier Leflaive

Olivier Leflaive

The family Leflaive has been making wine in Burgundy seemingly forever! Olivier Leflaive is the 18th generation to carry on the tradition of making wines here and he’s not the last as his children are already involved.

You may have heard of Olivier Leflaive before, but be careful not to confuse him with Domaine Leflaive. Domaine Leflaive is owned by his family and was home to Olivier for many years at the start of his career, but now he has created his own line of wines (82 in total) under the label of ‘Olivier Leflaive’.

When I asked him why he makes so many wines he answered “I like diversity in my life” – which is a great reminder for all of us wine drinkers to always try new wines.

The ‘house style’ of the Olivier Leflaive wines is that they that express the personality of the vineyard, possess elegance and finesse and are not overpowered by high alcohol levels.

Not only is Olivier making a range of graceful wines, but he is also the pioneer of wine tourism in France. He was the first in the region to open a restaurant and boutique hotel, La Maison, where guests can enjoy quaint luxury in the hotel run by his daughter, Julie Leflaive.

The Sommelier, Simon Aplin, of the restaurant Le Table is English but has been living in France for several years and enthusiastically explains each wine paired with the different courses. The four course lunch, plus canapés and petit fours, can be paired with three sets of wines; with our lunch we enjoyed 10 premium wines from Olivier’s range.

Every morning at 10am Olivier or his brother Patrick lead visitors through a tour of the vineyards and on to the cellars at 11:30. They are also more than happy to arrange a full day of touring and will arrange visits to colleagues and friends in the area for great food and wine tasting.

While in the vineyards of Puligny Montrachet, I had a chat with Olivier and asked about the special qualities of white Burgundy (always 100% Chardonnay) and he explains about Premier Cru and Grand Cru vineyards as well as the variations in the wines from different villages.

If you missed the Video #1 and my chat with Jean-Michel Chartron, watch it here.

There’s Always Time for Wine!

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