Roses are red, Violets are blue, Amarone's the wine with which to woo

La Colombaia Amarone 2004The perfect date wine…does such a thing exist?  Well, I suppose it’s her favourite wine, whatever that is – do you know?  If you do, great, but if you don’t, not to worry, the Gods can help (I’m sure Eros and Bacchus were good friends!) 

Either way, this Valentine’s Day why not surprise your sweetheart with something a bit different and perhaps she (or he) will discover a new favourite and be very, very thankful to you for your innovative, imaginative and romantic gesture!

One such wine is Amarone from the Veneto region of Italy.  Why Amarone?  Well, several reasons: 1) it’s an incredibly complex, opulent, luxurious and delicious wine that is bound to warm her heart 2) it may be a bit too pricey for everyday quaffing, but is an ideal way of splashing out for your special someone and 3) this wine comes from Verona, the land of Shakespeare’s famous lovers Romeo and Juliet and literally spells love – Amore is Italian for ‘love’!  It’s the perfect love potion!

Ok, time for the geeky part (because brains are sexy too :-) ), Amarone is made from the Corvina grape, to which Rondinella is sometimes added.  The grapes are dried using the ‘appassimento’ process which concentrates the sugars and produces a wine of high alcohol, but in perfect balance with a raisined richness and bold structure.  A harmonious pairing of Amarone and braised lamb and you and your sweetheart is certain to light the fires of romance this Valentine’s Day!

The photo is of the gorgeous, silky 2004 La Colombaia Amarone I had last night and for a wonderful explanation of this wine, care of the Wine Spectator, watch this video of Marilisa Allegrini as she describes the allure of Amarone.

There’s always time for wine!

Tara – Wine Passionista!

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  1. Andrea
    8 years ago

    Tara, thanks for the suggestions! Hope to enjoy them in the near future.

  2. loris
    8 years ago

    Thank you for praising the famous wine of my native region,you couldn’t be more right!Have you miss out, on porpouse the translation of his name to better adapt it to the occasion?
    Your effort in making the wine
    intricate world accessible to a wider audiance is most honourable, and deserve all my respect.
    Your sincerely

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