The Punch Down Wine Show: January 23 at 6pm with iconic California winemaker Randall Grahm

The Punch Down Wine Show

The Punch DownEpisode 2 of our new online wine show The Punch Down is next week – please join us!  Joining 1 Wine Dude, Joe Roberts, and me (and Joe’s fabulous intern, the ‘young, unpaid Shelby’) is the man behind Bonny Doon wines and a self-described ‘complete and insufferable wine fanatic’, Randall Grahm.

Randall is part philosopher, part visionary, part comedian and wholly passionate about his craft. His witty sense of humour, cavernous vocabulary and inclination towards irony, hyperbole and puns will surely make this an episode to remember!

I met Randall a couple of years ago at one of the most entertaining wine lunches in memory – needless to say, I’m expecting this episode will be enlightening, engaging and entertaining, just like the man himself!

Randall GrahmDo you have questions for Randall?  We want to hear them! During the Q&A portion of the show, we’ll put your questions and comments to him, so please send those to us now or use the hashtag #thepunchdown and post your questions on Twitter. We may pose your question to Randall live during the show!

Here’s what you need to know:

When: Wednesday January 23

What time: 6pm GMT, 1pm Eastern, 10am Pacific (click here to find out time we’ll be on where you are)

Our Guest: California winemaker Randall Grahm

Send your questions & comments for Randall to:

For all our Tweeps, the hashtag for the event is: #thepunchdown

Watch the live stream:

If you didn’t catch the first episode with our guest Eric Asimov, catch up here and please subscribe to our free podcast on iTunes, and never miss another episode.

Don’t forget, please send us your questions for Randall and we look forward to having you with us for The Punch Down next week!

Here’s to trying something new, learning something new and enjoying every glass a whole lot more!

Tara – The Wine Passionista

P.S. Be sure to follow Joe @1winedude and Randall @RandallGrahm on Twitter!

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