What Wine Moves You?

Wine is FUN!!You know when you turn on the radio, your iPod, Spotify etc and the song playing is one that makes your toe start tapping and the corners of your mouth curl into a smile and you can’t help but get carried away for a few moments?  Wine can do that too!

It happens when everything is in perfect harmony – just like an orchestra.  When the layers of luscious fruit balance with supple tannins and just the right amount of smoky oak leaving an elegant, silky, lingering finish is as close as the experience of a wine can come to a number one smash on the charts.

However, it’s not about rankings or being at the top of the leader board, instead it’s about our individual connection to that particular wine at that particular moment.  No matter what our mood, no matter what the weather or the latest world crisis, that first sip of the perfect wine, very much like the first notes of that one song, can make everything better – instantly.  This is when we know life is good.

Sometimes it may be a zesty, energetic Sauvignon Blanc from Chile (akin to rhythmic pop hit) or maybe a more mellow, soft, easy to get along with, Merlot from California (think a crooning Frank Sinatra) or even a powerful, robust, sincere and passionate Amarone (Pavarotti perhaps?) 

Whatever the wine, whatever the music, they both have the ability to move us, literally and figuratively.  Isn’t that the greatest?!

Your Turn!  What’s your perfect wine & music combo?  Leave a comment!

There’s always time for wine!


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