Wines of the World Cup – Round 5

Chile vs Spain: Rosé

Ahhh Summer! It’s a particularly sunny, warm day here in London Town (which alone warrants celebration!) and so is ideal for today’s fifth round of Wines of the World Cup as we have a match-up of Rosé: Chile vs Spain!

Now in that other popular World Cup series (you know, the one in South Africa :-) ) the actual match between Spain and Chile doesn’t take place until June 25, but when it comes to wine, any day will do, and especially one like today as sun and rosé are the perfect team!

How fortunate that Spain and Chile are in the same group because they are two of my favourite countries for rosé. The grape varieties are usually quite different, but fingers crossed, I haven’t been disappointed so far!  In Spain they typically use Garnacha (Grenache in France), Tempranillo (the grape most known for red wine from Rioja) either on their own or blended with other international varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon or Syrah.  Those from Chile are usually Merlot, Shiraz or Cabernet Sauvignon.

Interestingly, we have a battle of New World (Chile) vs Old World (Spain) and usually there are quite distinctive difference between the two, but I think less so when it comes to styles of rosé. Usually the New World wines are juicier and riper because of the warm weather in many of the regions, but in this pairing, most of Spain will be warmer than many of the winemaking areas of Chile.  Both countries make gorgeous examples of rosé that are fresh and fruity without being sweet, but that are also crisp and refreshing – like a bowl of cool strawberries straight from the fridge!

Merlot Rosé from Spain from Tesco, £8

There are lots of rosés readily available on supermarket shelves and wine lists and if you find a restaurant or bar that serves one from Chile and one from Spain by the glass, be sure to try them both and choose your winner of Round 5 of Wines of the World Cup!

Garnacha from Spain from Tesco, currently on special £6.49

I’ve tried several recently and not just because of the weather, but a) because I’m a huge rosé fan and b) because I can’t choose a favourite, so I’m declaring Round 5 a draw!

Let me know how you get on with your Wines of the World tournament!

There’s always time for wine!

Tara – Wine Passionista

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  1. Gustavo Sepúlveda
    8 years ago


    Si te gustan los rosados chilenos te sugiero probar el de la viña Chocalán que me gusta mucho. Para probar rosados hechos en base a cepas poco convencionales te recomiendo: Viu Manent (malbec), Amaral (pinot noir) y Pink sin de Montgras (zinfandel).


    • admin
      8 years ago

      Hola Gustavo!

      Gracias! No puedo para contestar en español, entonces…en inglés! :-) Thank you for your comment! I haven’t tried the Vina Chocalán wines, but will have to look for them! I agree, it’s good fun to try rosés from unusual grape varieties, most of which offer a surprisingly good alternative! Con mucho gusto!


  2. Carla Bigio
    8 years ago

    Tara! Love your post hon! I suggest you try Enate Rose, from the Somontano region, if you haven’t already. I truly love it, it is full bodied, but light enough to cool you down in the hot Ibizan summers (where I always drink it, on the beach, natch!)
    Good idea on the wine-world cup matches!

    • Tara
      8 years ago

      Hi Carla!! Lovely to hear from you and thanks for the compliment! No, I don’t know the Enate Rose, but would be very interested to try more from Somontano, so must try to find it! You are a lucky girl to be drinking it in Ibiza! It feels like Ibiza in London today so I could really use a bottle! :-)

      I’m really enjoying your scrumptious-sounding post on your blog – maybe we should do a food & wine pairing series :-) Hope to visit you in Barcelona soon!

      xoxo Tara

  3. Mila
    8 years ago

    Hola Tara,
    Very interesting post…
    I propose an elegant sparkling Cava Rose to celebrate the result of the World Cup. Cava is a versatile drink that lightens up any occasion whether it is savored alone or with friends and pairs wonderfully with a wide range of food. A morning toast for Spain 

    • Tara
      8 years ago

      Hola Mila, Sí! Es una idea muy buena! A good Cava is always a welcome celebration and I agree that some of the rosé ones can be excellent! It looks like you have a great selection on your site!

      Thanks for your comment and the suggestion! Tara

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